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The concentration of power and the lack of counterweights are a factor of corruption.

This article first appeared in La Segunda on April 22, 2022. Regarding the investigation against Karina Oliva and her mention to Jackson about the campaign funds, she warns: ‘If it is proven that the government fell into the same practices Read More

Corporations be Aware: Money laundering, is closer than we think

As drug trafficking and organized crime gain territory around the world, money laundering is becoming a major concern for multinational companies operating in regions plagued by corruption. Money laundering is the crime that seeks to hide or disguise the illicit Read More

Bribery among private parties

On November 20, 2018, Law 21,121 (Anti-Corruption Law) was published, which amended the Criminal Code and incorporated the crime of bribery between private parties or individuals. What does it consist of? When an employee or agent who, exercising his position Read More