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The Colombian Attorney General’s Office indicated that, through an investigation, six members of the National Police were captured who were allegedly involved in a case of corruption inside the Fontibón police station in Bogotá.

Specifically, they allegedly received monthly payments to allow the entry of weapons, drugs, liquor, cell phones and even money, as well as conjugal visits during unpermitted hours. The fee charged by the accused ranged from 20,000 to 600,000 Colombian pesos, depending on what was requested by the detainees.

The Prosecutor’s Office indicated that this was a criminal organization that used various methods to bring in illegal objects, such as suitcases, bags, bottles of water or sacks of potatoes. In addition to this, the uniformed officers “would have arranged with guards and inmates to sell narcotics such as tucibi, marijuana and bazuco. They also allegedly pressured the inmates under the pretext of providing them with security so that they could have access to special cells or with certain amenities.

The uniformed men were captured on September 5 and sent to prison. The judge ordered that they be held in the public servants’ wing of the La Picota prison in Bogota. The sentences were determined according to the participation and independent responsibility of each one, but they will have to answer for the crimes of aggravated conspiracy to commit a crime and bribery.

This case is not isolated, and is similar to the one known last week, when five policemen from the police stations of Suba and Fontibón were captured for collaborating with criminal gangs, letting them distribute narcotics in exchange for sums of money. In total, the amounts received by the group of patrolmen amounted to 15 million pesos per month.

Image: Infobae