Paddling against the current

A few weeks ago, Brazil saw its democracy in danger after a group of Bolsonaristas attacked the buildings that house the three branches of government, following the same script as what happened in the United States and the attack on Read More

Latin America: leaders in need

2022 warned of its complexity from the very beginning. In addition to the effects of the pandemic, the global recession, and inflation, the supply chain crisis, new factors were now being added: a war that had been a threat for Read More

Weak rule of law, strong corruption

The pandemic left us convalescent and in a deep crisis from which we are still trying to emerge. Although we are moving towards an almost total opening and “normality” may be returning, there are several aspects that have been affected Read More

New legal changes, new challenges for compliance

The year 2022 has been a year of changes in the area of Compliance, changes that have followed a sustained trend of previous years and that could continue in future reforms, such as the potential publication of the criminal reform Read More

Strengthening compliance, an opportunity for companies

In a global world, where countries are becoming more and more integrated through trade, financial flows, and technological advances, we mustn’t stay only with the local reality and look at what is happening outside our borders, because without knowing it, Read More

Latin America: democracies on alert

Peru is experiencing a delicate institutional crisis. In Argentina, we saw the assassination attempt of its vice-president Cristina Fernandez. Ecuador is experiencing the violence of organized crime. And in Brazil, citizens are getting ready to elect their new president, amid Read More

Corporate Values: let’s not lose focus

By Susana Sierra, CEO BH Compliance Reality has taken over fiction, and this is demonstrated by great streaming successes based on real events. For example, the series WeCrashed tells the story of WeWork, a company that in 2010 came to Read More

Uber files, the importance of how

Talking about the role of the company in society seems repetitive and tedious, but it seems that repeating it countless times is not enough if we continue to learn about bad practices from the private sector, which in turn tarnish Read More

Movement for the G

When companies lack coherence between what they say and what they do, or when they define themselves through marketing actions that they neither feel nor think, sooner or later the truth will come out. Today, more than ever, it is Read More

Blockchain for the fight against corruption

It is no longer a cliché to talk about the dizzying advance of technology, how it is changing and facilitating our lives, contributing to the development of new markets, and helping to reduce gaps. Technology is a reality that we Read More

Perfil del oficial de cumplimiento

Proponerse el éxito de una firma es el anhelo de cualquier empresario, independientemente del tamaño o giro de una compañia. Por lo mismo, es natural temer a los riesgos que puedan amenazar la estrategia y la gestión de la empresa. Read More

It can happen to anyone

This article first appeared in La Tercera on May 21, 2022. Corruption is on the rise, but we continue to see it as distant as if it could happen to others, but never to us. The big problem is that Read More

Rebuilding trust

This article first appeared in La Tercera on May 2, 2022. Trust is more than a value, it is the basis for the development of any society, on which strong democracies are built, with upright institutions that watch over the Read More

Russia sanctions and corruption risks

This article first appeared in La Tercera on April 1, 2022. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine can be analyzed from different points of view, the most important of which is certainly the humanitarian one, the invasion of a territory and its Read More

Breaking the cycle of corruption

This article first appeared in El Mostrador on March 18, 2022. When things do not surprise us, it is because we are used to seeing them, because they have become a daily occurrence and we see them as normal events Read More

Asset Laundering, closer than we think

This article first appeared in La Tercera on February 17, 2022. Breaking Bad, Ozark or Narcos are some of the series that we can watch via streaming and that immerses us in the world of drug trafficking and money laundering. But far Read More