About Us

BH Compliance offers an innovative technological platform designed to protect companies, their board members and staff against corruption through processes that are cleary defined and correctly implemented.

In addition, the evidence we collect is backed up in Blockchain, whereby gaps are detected in real-time, so as to ensure that processes, such as hiring staff, suppliers, or the company´s cash outflows, are being done correctly. ​

Our solutions are tailored to your company’s size. They include a Set Up of your existing compliance program and an Active Reporting Procedure, which generates ongoing evidence and facilitates the early detection of issues that may compromise the integrity of your business and help you avoid future risks.  

Having a regional presence gives the parent company visibility on how the business is being conducted in each of its subsidiaries, in addition to having the ability to work with local companies.

Our goal is to be proactive and help companies create a culture of integrity that protects them against bad business practices.

By generating evidence through continuous monitoring of your existing compliance programs and creating a culture of integrity that enables companies to behave ethically.

Companies nowadays must face new sustainability challenges consistent with the ESG (Environment, Social, and Governance) criteria. To that end, we first implemented the “G” of Governance, in order to emphasize the importance of responsible leadership, which in turn builds purpose based on people’s values, in addition to serving as a guide to the decision process of the company.

By preventing corruption and raising the standards of transparency in the private sector, we also prevent other individuals and companies from being affected by a lack of integrity

Since our aim is to become a benchmark for exemplary business practices, we are constantly hosting webinars, seminars, and lectures for our clients and the general public. Our featured speakers are experts in anti-corruption and other related topics, who share their practical insights concerning real-world issues.