About Us

We are an independent third party that evaluates and measures the effectiveness of corporate governance components, allowing companies to evaluate and verify the efficacy of their good practices, in addition to facilitating the early detection of possible gaps in order to correct them in a timely manner.

We use cutting-edge technology that, together with an expert team, ensures that the compliance programs implemented by companies and the sustainable actions of corporate governance are real and comply with regulatory requirements. We have regional coverage, providing visibility to the parent company on how business is being conducted in each of its subsidiaries.

Our goal is to be proactive and help companies create a culture of integrity that protects them against bad business practices.


We are committed to promoting robust corporate governance to guide ethical behavior in companies, enabling them to fight corruption and implement sustainable practices led by their senior management. 
We are convinced of the fundamental role of the private sector in the development of a society where a culture of doing things well prevails, understanding that how results are achieved is as or more important than the result itself. We also want to instill the importance that what is not measured is not managed, and urge organizations to detect the gaps that lead to bad practices.
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Our Values

We strengthen the positive impact and reputation of companies, supporting them in achieving a culture of integrity.

We don't wait for things to happen, we go for them

We are deeply confident and excited about the purpose of our work. This drives us to achieve ambitious goals that challenge us on a daily basis.

We enjoy life

We value and honor human wholeness, so self-care, respect, trust, and fostering a healthy and positive environment are a fundamental component of our work.

What we do, we do well

We ensure processes with a high standard of professionalism and transparency, both in our Certification Processes, as well as in the continuous follow-up and monitoring. For this, we have and will maintain an automated and personalized system that ensures our presence and monitoring of all our Clients, considering their line of business, industry, context and particularities.

We promote cultural changes

We assume the responsibility of always learning, adapting and promoting new ways of preventing bad practices, as a transversal way of working in the companies. We simplify processes and language to ensure that the goals we set are concrete, clearly understood and disseminated. We actively participate in activities of educational promotion and comparison of good practices, to help form a more informed community on issues related to compliance.

We innovate to adapt to the challenges of the world

We combine our legal, audit, commercial and technological expertise, encouraging co-construction, innovation and permanent adaptation to our Clients' needs. This is reflected, for example, in our BH Compliance platform.