Active Reporting

Our continuous monitoring service provides companies with a clear picture of the performance of their compliance program. ​ It seeks to generate evidence that the company is doing everything possible to prevent corruption.

How it works?

Perform monthly tests to generate evidence, through our platform.

Alerts of deviations or gaps found month by month.

Monitoring by company department.

Meetings with the board of directors to present reports.

Our monitoring system adapts to the policies and procedures of each company.



Every six months we will issue reports, which will summarize the compliance history of the company’s compliance program. 

Also includes a summary of all tests performed during the sixmonth period and changes to policies or controls, if any.


Is used directly in the departments which have a higher risk of being involved in bribery, money laundering, financing of terrorism and other practices that are contrary to corporate integrity and which are subject to international standards or regulations.

The Platform enables continuous monitoring of all your subsidiaries from anywhere in the world.


The BH Compliance platform seals all information with Blockchain, ensuring the integrity of the data in case it needs to be used.