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Corruption continues to advance in the world and we see how the efforts of countries to stop it, seem insufficient, affecting our daily lives, sometimes without realizing it.

It is a global problem to which we must pay as much attention as possible because it has different ways of operating and not only manifests itself through fraud, deceit, theft, or lack of ethics, often we do not realize that it is happening in front of our eyes. The most serious thing is that among its consequences, it affects democracies, hindering the ability of countries to develop.

Therefore, we believe that an important step to prevent and stop corruption is talking about it, assuming its existence to understand it, to distinguish it, to realize that it is closer than we think and that even unintentionally, we can be involved in it.

In this context, we wanted to make a podcast that allows us to put this reality on the table, to be prepared on how to react to its actions, and above all, to understand that we all have a role in combating it.

Without further ado, we invite you to listen to “Let’s Talk about Corruption”, with the CEO of BH Compliance, Susana Sierra, and the Dean of Global Initiatives at Florida International University, Manuel Gómez, who every week will have a new guest to address corruption from different points of view and knowing real cases in first person.

You can listen to it on Spotify, as well as subscribe and activate notifications to be updated on a new chapter.