This article first appeared in Revista Capital on May 17, 2018.


The recent case about the meetings of Prosecutor Abbott before assuming as the highest authority of the Public Prosecutor’s Office has brought back to the forefront an issue of permanent concern. Public Prosecutor’s Office, has brought back to the forefront an issue of permanent concern. Beyond the political flag or color of those involved, conflicts of interest have been a long-standing problem in our recent history, and we have witnessed situations that in our recent history and we have witnessed situations that have even led to judicial investigations.

We must remember that Chile is a country where many times personal ties intersect with labor ties and it is that when dealing with public policy or business issues, it is forgotten that strict protocols must be followed to ensure that no limits are crossed that could lead to questioning. questioning. Regardless of the existence of a close relationship and the fact that at any given opportunity share a Sunday lunch or get-together with friends.

Those who establish interactions must abide by the provisions of the Lobbying Law, leaving a detailed record of the matters discussed. a detailed record of the matters that were addressed in each of the meetings that may take place between people who could influence decisions. between people who could influence relevant decisions. Unfortunately, many omit this step. It is essential, especially when it comes to dispelling doubts about the existence of any irregularity. irregularity. Conflicts of interest are not only to be declared and punished but they must also be managed and those involved must acknowledge them when appropriate.

Even if we are a WhatsApp away from each other, we must take care of our actions. Complying with the requirements of the law and carrying out clear and widely known protocols at all levels of the private sector. We must take care of our public officials because our role is not to expose them to situations that are not by the law. Our society is small and for that reason, many times, it results in conflicts of interest.
It is necessary to transmit, through training and extensive dissemination, the importance of maintaining a proper relationship with the State, to promote the prevention of crimes derived from a relationship that does not conform to the rules. The Senior Management must promote the
It is essential that the Senior Management encourages the application of such controls, but also that they submit to them, setting an example to the rest of the organization.

This is not about continuing to create laws, the call is to create awareness to comply with the regulations we have, otherwise, it ends up being a dead letter.

By Susana Sierra