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The challenges for companies in the new personal data protection law.

On Friday, April 29, BH Compliance held the webinar “Personal data protection, the keys to the modernization of the law”, which featured the lawyer and partner of BITLAW, Paulina Silva; the former senator, current constituent, and one of the authors of the bill, Felipe Harboe; as well as the CEO of BH Compliance, Susana Sierra.

On the occasion, the bill -which passed its first stage in the Senate and is currently in its second stage in the Chamber of Deputies-, its main modifications and implications for companies, which will have to implement various measures to comply with the regulations, were discussed.

In this sense, the amendments of the law were analyzed: new bases of lawfulness, new transparency obligation, changes in consent requirements, new obligations in cybersecurity and the notification of security breaches, Arco rights, relationship with the data mandated for the processing of data, privacy by design and the Infringement Prevention Models.

The speakers emphasized that these modifications will mean a paradigm shift for companies, which will have to generate operational and cultural changes.

They also stressed the importance of anticipating these changes, which will not be simple and involve the entire organization, but which take on a necessary issue that has already been regulated in Europe and other countries, since it is a project that provides the country with modern legislation on the processing of personal data, in line with the international commitments acquired with the country’s incorporation into the OECD.

The challenges for companies in the implementation of a personal data processing policy will be great and, therefore, the panelists are called to anticipate and implement them in time.