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This is how Latin American companies can implement the ‘G’ in ESG in their supply chains

Column of Susana Sierra, CEO, BH Compliance and Felipe Bezamat, Head of Advanced Manufacturing Industry, World Economic Forum. Source: WEF *** ESG criteria are not three single letters, but work as a whole. Having a strong ‘G’ for governance in supply chains can ensure Read More

Ethics-Driven Compliance Is Key In A Post-Pandemic Workforce

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the world, altering our habits and how we function in society. Most of us witnessed or experienced how the workplace became one of the most impacted areas during the pandemic. It was during this time that Read More

Weak rule of law, strong corruption

The pandemic left us convalescent and in a deep crisis from which we are still trying to emerge. Although we are moving towards an almost total opening and “normality” may be returning, there are several aspects that have been affected Read More