Our Services


BH Compliance is not a consulting firm, we monitor existing compliance programs through an innovative platform with two products that generate ongoing evidence.

Set up

Many companies have a global compliance program in place, but is it adapted to all the different countries it is operating in? Has the program been tested to ensure it is working and protecting the business from corruption?

BH Compliance performs an in depth analysis of all the programs documentation, regulations, and company policies and provides a complete Diagnostic of your program so you can take corrective actions.

Active Reporting

After the Set Up, the Active Reporting begins.

We will continuously monitor the organization’s riskiest departments and areas during this phase. Our Platform integrates seamlessly with the current compliance department, and the users will have access to all the upcoming tests and results to improve the current program.
A bi-yearly report meeting is held with the board of directors to review and go over all the findings.