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Corruption is one of today’s major problems, which mainly afflicts less developed economies such as those of Latin American countries, and brings as a consequence greater inequity and injustice to societies.

While local governments are working on stricter laws and more demanding penalties, the private sector is needed in the prevention of corruption, collaborating through the implementation of more and better controls within companies and with a real commitment to be part of the solution and not the problem.

In this context, BH Compliance was born, a Chilean company that works throughout Latin America, certifying and monitoring compliance programs, through an innovative system that seeks to generate a culture of integrity within organizations, which permeates every area of the organization, where the ultimate goal is not the sanction, but to create an environment where ethical behavior prevails.

Thus, during its 11 years of experience, BH Compliance has worked towards the creation of this culture of integrity, where a real commitment of senior management and ethical leadership prevails; where policies, procedures and disciplinary measures are implemented, and where reporting and investigations are encouraged, in addition to risk assessment. Likewise, a culture of compliance must emphasize greater communication and participation both within the company and with stakeholders, in order to have feedback on how it is perceived, because measuring results is fundamental, understanding that what is not measured, does not exist.

Finally, the fight against corruption is fundamental in the current global scenario, and therefore, BH Compliance wants to raise awareness, to be a voice that instills the participation of society through the observation and reporting of bad practices, because we understand that the problem of corruption is bigger than we think and we need to be alert and create mechanisms to enhance the control of this. In this, the company has a lot to do.