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In order to reflect on the importance of compliance in the prevention of crimes within companies and the need to strengthen this area in the creation of an ethical culture that promotes good practices, the Center for Regulatory Law and Business of the Universidad del Desarrollo organized on November 10 and 11, the First International Conference on Compliance, in which the academic community participated, as well as companies related to this matter.

BH Compliance was present through the participation of our senior lawyer, Jaime Viveros, and his presentation “A review of the impact of certification in the management of crime prevention models”, where he highlighted the value and impact of certification in the management of Crime Prevention Models (CPM).

Jaime Viveros also referred to the challenges posed by the Economic Crimes Bill being discussed in Congress, which aims to reform the Criminal Code and Law No. 20,393, eliminating – among other modifications – certification in the prevention of crimes within companies. In this respect, the lawyer emphasized that “certification has become a means to achieve an ulterior end, which is the continuous generation of evidence in the monitoring processes of Crime Prevention Models in order to accredit their suitability sustained over time”. In this way, he highlighted the importance of certification as a mechanism that has allowed continuous monitoring with the aim of preventing crimes for which the company may be responsible.

BH Compliance will continue to participate in instances of reflection, where ideas are shared and, at the same time, the value of compliance in companies and its impact on the world is educated.

If you missed it, you can watch it here.