Core Values


We are committed to the fight against corruption and we firmly believe that the private sector has an important role to play in this. Therefore, we want to contribute to the development of a more sustainable society, where companies can build a culture of doing things right, and understanding that how results are achieved is as important, if not more, than the result itself. We also aim to instill the importance that what is not measured is not managed, and urge organizations to detect the gaps that may lead to bad practices.

BH Compliance Values

We strengthen the positive impact and reputation of companies, supporting them in achieving a culture of prevention against crime and corruption.

We take the initiative

We are confident and deeply passionate about our purpose and work. This pushes us to achieve ambitious goals that challenge us on a daily basis.

We enjoy life

Because we value and honor the integrity of our human nature, self-care, respect, trust and the environment are the keystone of our work.

We do our job well

You can rest assured that our processes are held to the highest professional and monitoring standards.

We promote cultural change

We take on the responsibility to be constantly learning and training others, to promote the mainstreaming of prevention within companies. Streamlining our processes and language are important to us, so the goals we set out together with others can be accomplished.

Adaptability through innovation

Our unique combination of legal, commercial and technological expertise is what drives force behind co-construction, innovation and the constant adaptation/customization to our clients' needs.