Seven Areas For Boards To Focus On To Improve Corporate Governance

Environmental, social and governance factors have increasingly been gaining importance in business due to growing awareness among consumers, investors, regulators and society in general about companies’ impact on the world. I’ve found the “G,” governance, is often overlooked in business Read More

Seven Ways To Boost A Company’s Bottom Line Using Compliance

Compliance is not limited to guaranteeing the adequate fulfillment of each company’s internal regulations and policies but rather has a much deeper role within the organization. For example, having a strong compliance program can help prevent corporate crimes that impact Read More

Compensation Systems as an Incentive to Avoid Corruption

Published in: Daily Business Review

Money talks. Based on this principle, the Department of Justice is implementing new efforts to tie employees’ compensation to compliance to confront corporate corruption with a clear focus: no company or person is above the law. This new approach seeks Read More

The urgency of the ethical dilemmas of Artificial Intelligence

Published in: La Tercera

Although it may seem a recent invention, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been with us for decades, through our smartphones, in the algorithms behind social networks, predictive texts, voice assistants, and GPS navigation systems. We live with it every day, but Read More

G for ESG: a contribution to the fight against corruption

In an increasingly complex and competitive business environment, it is essential to recognize the importance of corporate governance in the effective management of companies – beyond business objectives—as it establishes a framework of responsibilities, rules, and ethical principles that should Read More