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BH Compliance: Measuring The Effectiveness Of Corporate Governance Practices

BH Compliance is an enterprise that measures the effectiveness of corporate governance practices, allowing companies to evaluate and verify the efficacy of their good practices, in addition to facilitating the early detection of possible gaps to correct them on time Read More

BH Compliance is putting the ‘G’ in ESG

By Riley Kaminer When you think of ESG, what first comes to mind? Perhaps initiatives to make companies more environmentally sustainable. Or efforts to curb a business’s negative social impacts? For Susana Sierra, the CEO of Miami startup BH Compliance, the Read More

3M’s Recent Bribery Violations a “Very Common Practice” in Business, Expert Says

Recent headlines about the multinational conglomerate 3M violating the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) through its bribery of Chinese government officials reveal a “very common practice” against proper compliance protocols in the business world, according to an international anti-corruption Read More