We measure the effectiveness of your compliance program

While securing evidence with blockchain

BH Compliance
BH Compliance

We measure the effectiveness of your compliance program

While securing evidence with blockchain

Our innovative tech platform ​

is designed to protect companies, their board of directors and staff from corruption. BH Compliance’s dashboard measures an existing compliance program's performance and identifies weaknesses.

Is your company protected against corruption?

How effective is your anti-corruption compliance program?

We leverage technology to give you the answer.

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Years of experience offering proactive anti-corruption compliance reporting
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Business groups and companies that have trusted BH Compliance to measure performance of their compliance programs
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We promote a culture of Compliance and good practices

to avoid future business risks in companies.

Our 3 Strategic Pillars

An impartial Third Party

We gather evidence about the performance of Compliance Programs in place. Our approach is neutral, without conflicts of interest in order to safeguard the integrity of your business

Multidisciplinary and Expert Team

Our team is made up of professionals specializing in the legal, auditing and commercial areas, who will work with you in complying with laws and good practices.

Innovative Process

We use cutting-edge technology to analyze the performance of your compliance metrics and provide a clear picture of the program's effectiveness through a customized dashboard.

Our commitment to our clients

Benefits to your company

Blockchain provides integrity to the evidence of your compliance program implementation.

Identify process that are not been complied with and alert the leadership in order to remedy the situation right away. 

Having a culture of integrity within the organization is essential for ethical behavior. Nurturing good practices creates a vital understanding that the process of achieving goals is as important as the goals themselves.

Our platform performs the equivalent of a team  composed of 4 people.

Our technology allows the early detection of breacheswhich in turn supports the efforts of the Compliance Officer.

We have an intuitive technological platform that is simple and easy to use, allowing you to effectively monitor what is happening in your company, anywhere in the world. 

In the event of a criminal investigation, evidence  protected with Blockchain tech will provide a strong defense for the company, potentially saving it billions of dollars in fines and legal defense.

We provide our clients with BH Compliance badgeto demonstrate all their stakeholders their commitment with integrity.

“I highlight the continuous monitoring that BH Compliance has developed, carrying out through its tool periodic evaluation processes that allow us to maintain compliance within our companies and have evidence that our controls are maintained and executed properly”.

Margarita Cabello

Operational Risk Manager and Crime Prevention Officer, Tata Consultancy Services

“It has been an enriching experience during all these years, allowing us to evolve our compliance systems towards best practices, with standards that are higher every year.”

Andrés Gallo

Gerente Contralor, ILC Inversiones.

“The added value they represent for their clients is remarkable, providing continuous monitoring through their tracking software.”

Rodrigo Marín

Fiscal y Oficial de Cumplimiento, Mutual de Seguridad.

“It has been a pleasant experience working with BH Compliance. Professionalism, responsibility and efficiency are the hallmarks of their services”

Laura Sofía Mosquera

Regional Compliance Officer, Happag Lloyd.

“BH-Compliance is a full-service company, which besides its Certification on the Crime Prevention Model, it also offers a biannual monitoring and reporting service. Such allows us the timely delivery of the necessary information to the Board of Directors.”

Constanza Prieto

Subgerente de Riesgo y Cumplimiento de GNL Quintero S.A.
Your Assurance Against Corruption
Your Assurance Against Corruption


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