AS time goes by, more and more information about the fraud in the Carabineros is emerging. Yes, those in charge of putting an order in the institution would have organized themselves to commit crimes, betraying the trust of the citizens and of those who believed they belonged to one of the most reliable and transparent institutions. Did they believe? I keep asking myself: how come nobody spoke up before? How come the Director General, Bruno Villalobos, did not suspect? It is strange that in the face of an irregularity such as the one in Carabineros, the resignation of the Director General is not demanded. At least in the private sector, this has been the trend and it is logical. Regardless of whether General Villalobos was implicated or not, or whether we believe in the presumption of innocence, it is very difficult to carry out a clean process if he is still in charge of the institution. Who is going to dare to testify against him? How do we give a sign that things have changed? This scandal forces our

authorities and future governors to ask themselves what they would have done. Only four of the pre-candidates for the presidential chair made it clear that they would have asked General Villalobos to resign, but none of them have said how they would have prevented a corruption case. Challenge to the candidates to the Moneda: what would they do to prev

ent a corruption case? There is at least an intention to have a cleaner State. However, they have to imagine themselves in a government with bad practices in the public sector. We hope it does not happen, but if it is neglected it would undoubtedly be a big headache.