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As part of the Summit of the Americas, the IV CEO Summit of Americas was held last week, where business leaders from across the region gathered to promote innovative and practical solutions for a better future throughout the continent.

On this occasion, Kamala Harris, Vice President of the United States, called for building a prosperous and inclusive future for the people of the Western Hemisphere by appealing to a public-private partnership to “unleash growth and opportunities that far exceed what both sectors could achieve on their own.”

She also highlighted the U.S. government’s priority of fighting corruption, recognizing that without it there can be no rule of law, consistency, and stability necessary for the economies of different countries to prosper. To this, he added the importance of training, protecting, and empowering women, which would boost the economic growth of the different countries.

This is in the context of the “Call to action” he launched last year to promote economic opportunities in the different countries of the hemisphere, inviting companies and civil society to deepen their commitment to the region, expand collaboration, invest and contribute to long-term development. On Tuesday, June 7, he announced that he had secured more than US$3.2 billion in private investment to meet this objective.

All this scenario named above is part of the strategy to address the causes of migration from Central America, mentioning 3 of them:
(1) The public sector, i.e., the government alone cannot address this problem, therefore, it must partner with the private sector to have a lasting impact and maximize its capacity.
(2) People do not want to leave their homes and if they do it is because they are fleeing harm or because staying means they cannot meet their basic needs or those of their family.
(3) The fight against corruption is a priority, to promote the rule of law, the reduction of violence, and the empowerment of women.

The purpose of this plan is to create an ecosystem of opportunities that can grow, adapt and develop in other places and governments, where the private sector and governments work together collaboratively to solve problems that affect us all therefore the solutions must involve all of us.

Image: Yahoo News