This article first appeared on La Tercera on Febraury 03, 2022.

The commitment of companies to make public their financial affairs and their ESG (environmental, social, and governance) impacts is -as never before- a transcendental step towards a global and sustainable economy.

Little by little, the private sector has been understanding its role in society, which goes beyond generating employment and seeking to lead markets, and is advancing on the road to sustainability to achieve success, which is not measured by isolated numbers, even less so if we consider the changing environment, to which we must adapt quickly and even anticipate. And in this, ESG principles are the pillars to achieve it.

In other words, companies that do not adapt to change, do not operate sustainably and transparently, and do not assess and manage their risks, are doomed to fail. The same will happen with companies that do not take this issue seriously and only incorporate it as a check-in strategy.

By Susana Sierra