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The rapid advance of technology and the lack of regulation in the face of its dizzying pace makes it more necessary than ever to strengthen the role of compliance, both to prevent and anticipate new risks, and to be at the forefront of issues that will be common shortly.

That is why BH Compliance is inviting compliance officers and corporate ethics officers to join “Compliance Dialogues in the Metaverse,” a series of six monthly peer-to-peer conversations designed to advance our knowledge of the metaverse and help compliance and ethics experts identify new challenges and learn new skills they can apply in their roles.

The metaverse is a virtual space using augmented reality and virtual reality technology, which you can connect to using devices that will make you think you are actually inside it, interacting through an avatar that will represent you in this world.

Each session provides a forum to explore potentially risky, illegal, or questionable practices that could thrive in or about the metaverse. Sessions will also discuss legal remedies for corrupt practices taking place in the metaverse, which jurisdictions would govern, how to draft anti-corruption compliance policies applicable to the metaverse and virtual reality (VR) universe, and future trends in ethics and compliance that might be unique to the metaverse, among other topics.

Each meeting will last 90 minutes and will be divided into two parts: the first 45 minutes will be devoted to a collaborative conversation focused on compliance challenges in the metaverse and how companies can address issues that may arise in their compliance programs. In the remaining 45 minutes, we will explore the metaverse together and learn from those interactions. Each meeting will be recorded so that we can share the findings and then use that information to develop compliance programs and inspire policy and regulation.

This activity will begin in March and each participant will need to have their VR equipment (Oculus Quest 2 or equivalent) to interact.

“Compliance Dialogues in the Metaverse” is organized by Manuel A. Gomez, Professor of Law and Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Global Engagement at Florida International University College of Law, and Susana Sierra, CEO of BH Compliance and a distinguished leader in compliance and anti-corruption.

The VR series is designed to build a community of ethics and compliance officers who are ahead of the curve. Companies are already selling, buying, and closing all types of transactions in the metaverse, and compliance officers must understand this new reality to advise their organizations accordingly to minimize and prevent compliance risks.

If you want to participate, register here: