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Bribery among private parties

On November 20, 2018, Law 21,121 (Anti-Corruption Law) was published, which amended the Criminal Code and incorporated the crime of bribery between private parties or individuals. What does it consist of? When an employee or agent who, exercising his position Read More

CNN Chile Interview

Source: CNN Chile “Pandemic procurement provides fertile ground for corruption” In conversation with Influencers of CNN Chile, Susana Sierra, president of Chile Transparente, talked about how to fight corruption in Chile and the lack of information that citizens have had Read More

Anti-corruption meeting Global Compact

Considering the context of pandemic and crisis of trust that Chile and the world are facing, Global Compact organized on Thursday, November 5, a virtual meeting to analyze how corruption has become an obstacle to progress in sustainable development. This, Read More


What a shame! So honest we thought we were, and it turns out that there are too many bad apples in the drawer. “The citizenry has in its hands the key to turn the circle from vicious to virtuous”, say Read More